X by ShaniiV is all about Self Love, Knowledge, and Pleasure! "Where the Purest Form of Beauty is Love!" and people come to learn more on Love, Business, Parenting, & Sex. These are areas of life, except business that we are usually thrown into with little to no knowledge and sometimes with business as well. There will be courses on each topic with coaching available. We accept all love! This is a no judgement zone. We are to operate 100% authentically. Taking the courses with X by ShaniiV means partnering with someone that truly cares about the most important areas of life. The courses will be filled with knowledge and experience with exercises that can be implemented immediately.

Hi, I’m Shanice aka ShaniiV aka Shanii

 I know the power that comes when you feel beautiful and confident in your body.

I am a mother of two, who was in a relationship for ten years, eight of which were married and three of those polyamorous.

Throughout my relationship, I have learned that being in a relationship helps you grow so much more than being single, and how to navigate through relationships with kids. I also understand how childhood trauma can affect adult relationships, and I aim to help my clients work past their past trauma and move forward with their relationships and sexuality.

My passion is coaching. I have always been open about sex, what I like and don’t like. Sex is taboo in conversation, but it shouldn’t be – especially for women. I believe that women should feel free to own their sexuality just as much as men can. Women should be able to enjoy sex. Sex is not just about pleasuring men. Sex and sexuality are forms of expression, and I work to help women understand their sexuality and bodies through my coaching and how men can get sex more often by tapping into their intimate side. If you love yourself and know what you like, you can express it to others and truly set yourself free.

With me, you will have a passionate professional with you throughout the entire coaching experience if you add coaching on to your courses.

I love what I do, helping women feel beautiful inside and out and men feeling confident in being them.

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